Transport Services
Local, Europe and International

Logistics Solutions,
Reverse Logistics
and Consulting

Local, Europe and International

Tailored to the needs of our customers

We are your Transport partner managing the best Transport solutions in the market.

Since 2006, operating our own fleet of vehicles for Courier and domestic transportation We partner with the best companies in our sector though a long time existing integration with them to provide you always with the best service.

We have a great team of Supply Chain professionals managing the best Contract Logistics Solutions for your company, since 2006. Our Main Distribution center is located near Barcelona with quick links to its port, airport and main highways to Europe.

Our customer satisfaction is our greatest reward

AMF works daily to offer customized solutions to our clients,
providing them with a wide range of services
in Contract Logistics and Transportation.

Single Point of Contact

Con AMF allocates a single, unique and fully dedicated person to you and your account – customers.

Control Tower

AMF combines synergies for our Contract Logistics, inventory management with our transport services, creating a full End to End solution for you Our AMF web Portal gives you full traceability of your shipments in real time.

Experts in Transport and Contract Logistics

Since 2006, creating Value Added Service (VAS) solutions for our customers. Our proposal is to outsource to us your operations, using our customer centric model. We provide multi and omni channel solutions for your company We believe that the reduction of your TDC (Total Distribution Cost) is what really matters while we decrease the weight of your WIC (Work in Capital) through optimization of your inventories.

Your Best Consulting and Supply Chain Partner

  • Contract Logistics PM – Project Management
  • VSM – Value Stream Mapping of your E2E supply Chain. Re-design of your SC process
  • BCP – Business Continuity Plans for your Operations
  • Sales Excellence support
  • Digital – Omni channel
  • Contract Logistics and Transport Outsourcing solutions
  • Outsourced “control Tower” models
  • LEAN – 5S – Kaizen Continuous improvement models and methodology

Transport Solutions

Integral Logistic Solutions

  • Urgent Transport

    Express Van-Truck
    Full Truck
    Air Shipments
    Pallets Transport
    Express Transport
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  • Pallets

    Courier (Air and Road)
    Sea Transport
    Combined Transport (Sea- Air- Rail)
    Customs brokers
    FCL-LCL Sea Transport
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  • AMF Contract Logistics

    Outsourcing Fulfilment solutions
    Pick and Pack operations
    Inventory management
    VAS Value Added services
    B2B, B2C, B2B2C outsourcing fulfilment models
    Customer service platform
    SPOC Single Point of Contact for you and your customers

  • AMF Reverse Logistics

    Returns and Refunds through our AMF Portal
    Returns consol to decrease cost
    Refund management at origin and destination
    Store to Store Transfers
    “Drop off” solutions
    Trace and Track solutions for all your Returns through our AMF Portal

  • AMF Consulting

    Sales Operations
    Downstream Supply Chain – Pick and Pack operations
    Fulfilment (B2B, B2C, B2B2C9)
    Ecommerce, omni channel, market places fulfilment
    BCP Business Continuity Plans
    LEAN 5S, Kaizen, Continuous improvement
    Outsourcing models

Our Customers Feedback

We have been partnering with AMF during many years. We can see their passion for perfect execution of our Contract Logistics projects in areas such as Transport, Logistics and Customer service. AMF´s  attention to detail, personalization of services and their 24-7 dedication to our customers makes them leaders in the industry and this is why they have such a great reputation.

We are a group of companies that imports and distributes our products through all Spain
We started to work with AMF in 2016 . They are currently managing 90% of our shipments to all Spain. Fast service and good service is key for us. This is why we selected AMF.
They have an excellent service at a very good price. We recommend you try their services if you are looking for a good transport partner for your company.

We have been working with AMF since 2 years ago for all our logistics needs . We are very happy with the quality of their services and with the customer service we get from them. Very good services and customer support.